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Create your own Heart Tattoo Designs

With my Tattoo Generator you can create beautiful Tattoo Designs by your own with only a few clicks. When I created the Tattoo Generator I had one goal in mind. To give you a possibility to create your own Tattoo Designs with your Custom Text as easy as possible. Actually, there is absolutely no knowledge of graphic design tools required. The graphics are ready to use and don't need further modifications. The purpose of the Tattoo Generator is to give you the possibility to integrate your Custom Text into a predefined Tattoo Design. So, if you are looking for a Tattoo with some text, names, dates or a special message to someone the Tattoo Generator can help you to easily create it. You can completely concentrate of what you want ot say with your Tattoo. Think about the message, the font and the font color. There are many different Tattoo Designs available for you to use. Along with many different Heart Tattoos there are other kind of Tattoo Designs available like Infinity Tattoos, Ornaments, Flowers and more.

Automatic Text alignment

Your Text will be aligned automatically inside your chosen Tattoo Design. The Generator takes care of where to place your text and it calculates the text size depending on the length of your text. It depends on the chosen Tattoo Design where your Text is placed. It can be either on the outline of a Symbol or centered inside a Symbol. Heart Tattoos are perfect to align text on its outline. The Generator provides two possibilites how to align the text on the outline. Either in a gap of the Heart Tattoo Outline or on top of it. It depends on you what you prefer. I think that both look pretty nice so I provide both possibilities.

Instant Download

The biggest advantage of the Tattoo Generator is that you can download your Designs immediately. So you can play around with different text messages, fonts and colors and get immediate feedback of how it will look like. All graphics are provided in high resolution and high quality. So they are perfect to be used on prints. Print it on Mugs, Shirts, Wallpapers, Wall Tattoos, Temporary Tattoos and much more. In my Zazzle Store you can see how your Tattoo will look on many products like Mugs, Shirts and more.

Temporary Tattoos

You can use your Heart Tattoo as a Temporary Tattoo. There are different companies that sell Temporary Tattoos. Temporary Tattoos are perfect if you don't like Permanent Tattoos or if you just want to try your Design first for some weeks as a Temporary Tattoo before you make a Permanent Tattoo.

Heart Tattoo with Names and Dates

Heart Tattoos are perfect to express love to someone. The love to your kids, your husband, your brother or sister, your parents and others. A Heart Tattoo can perfectly be used to put some names on its outlines or combine it with a special date.

Heart Tattoo as a GIF

If you want to send someone a message along with a Heart Symbol you can also create an animated GIF. Your text will then be written letter by letter during the GIF animation. The Text is either written on the Heart Outline or centered inside the Heart.